Our Institutional Standards
March 5, 2018

IMC is committed to providing  each of our funds and fund investors with a level of service that equals or exceeds the standards of a prudent institutional fund manager at all times.

Our Funds Include:

Terms and documentation which include internationally accepted investor protections and deferred payment of general partner carried interests
Institutional standards of investor communications and financial reporting
ESG Integration
Material IMC co-investment in each fund
Investor advisory/independent review committees and rigorous conflict management

While permitted fund investments vary for each IMC fund, IMC conducts detailed due diligence on each fund investment which complies with Canadian institutional standards. For funds which invest in new commercial mortgage loans, IMC applies Canadian institutional commercial lending standards prior to making each loan. Typically, these standards require IMC to obtain or review property appraisals, environmental reports, physical and engineering reports, insurance review, lease reviews, detailed underwriting of property income and leases, and a credit review of each loan obligor.