Our Funds
March 5, 2018

As of December 31, 2018, IMC manages 6 investment funds with assets under management totaling over $500 million. The IMC-managed funds are focused on Canadian commercial real estate debt, each having a well-defined risk profile and investment strategy based on a specific asset class.  IMC’s active investment funds include funds specializing in core commercial mortgage loans, mezzanine and high-yield financing, and CMBS investments.

In addition, IMC has also managed 7 other investment funds which have matured and have had capital fully returned to investors.*
IMC-managed funds maintain monthly distributions to investors.

IMC-Managed Funds

Currently Active Funds

Funds that have Matured and Capital Repaid

*The information respecting the IMC-managed funds contained in this web-site is for information purposes only. Nothing contained in this website should be considered as an offer to sell, or a solicitation or recommendation to buy, any security in any IMC-managed fund. Historical performance of any IMC-managed fund is not indicative of the future returns on any other IMC-managed fund, whose performance may vary significantly from the other IMC-managed funds depending on a variety of important factors, including actual composition of fund assets, the occurrence and timing of any credit events with respect to such fund assets, changes in interest rates, IMC management decisions, any weakening of the specific credits comprising fund assets, as well as both local and global economic and capital market conditions. For the same reasons, there is no assurance that any IMC-managed fund will not incur a loss of capital.