Mezzanine Loan Program

Creative Financing Solutions

IMC offers second mortgage loans and mezzanine financing products for all asset classes across Canada. Our mezzanine loan program provides borrowers with higher leverage on stabilized properties, financing for transitional properties and other forms of non-traditional real estate financing.

Second Mortgage Loans

IMC provides second mortgage financing for both stabilized and transitional properties across Canada on flexible terms that can be customized to accommodate borrower-specific needs and any property level issues. Our pricing is competitive with other Canadian lenders in this market and other terms include:

Other IMC Mezzanine Loan Products

In addition to second mortgage loans, IMC also provides financing further down the typical real estate capital structure, including loans secured by pledges of equity interests (shares, co-ownership and LP interests) of real estate entities, and unsecured (covenant based) loans to certain credit qualified real estate entities.