The IMC Lending Process

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Mortgage Lending Process

Step 1: Origination

IMC Origination Team

  • Establish correspondent and investor network to source loans
  • Manage presence in all major Canadian markets
  • Manage portfolio diversification


Step 5: Portfolio Management & Servicing

IMC Credit/Risk and IMS

  • Review portfolio performance
  • Manage borrower relationship and requirements

       Step 4: Closing

       IMC Closing Team

          • Legal documentation
          • Rate locking (if applicable)
          • Closing

Step 2: Underwriting

IMC Underwriting Team

  • Analyze property and sponsor information
  • Structure loan terms
  • Maintain consistent underwriting standards



Step 3: Diligence

IMC Origination Team and Underwriting Team

  • Review third party reports
  • Obtain credit committee approval

To discuss a specific transaction, please contact one of the following people:

Paul Scholz
Managing Director – Credit
D: 416-814-2591

Jeff Wagner
D: 416-814-2513

Darren Schmidt
Managing Director – Origination
D: 416-814-2592

Peter Dimakarakos
Managing Director
D: 416-814-2604