About IMC
Institutional Mortgage Capital (IMC) is an independently-owned mortgage lender, loan servicer and investment fund manager, focusing on Canadian commercial real estate debt, with over $3.6 billion (and counting) of new commercial mortgage loans closed.

Our Vision

At IMC, we believe in the fundamental strength of Canadian commercial real estate as a long-term investment and its importance as a key component of any investment portfolio.

IMC uses its real estate underwriting and structuring expertise to invest responsibly in Canadian commercial real estate across all asset classes and at various levels of risk/reward.  IMC combines this with a focused, disciplined investment strategy and a pro-active approach to asset management.

IMC is committed to providing its clients and investors with superior execution and an institutional standard of service.

IMC Values:

Professionalism: we hold ourselves to the highest standards of expertise and performance for our industry

Fiduciary Excellence: we always act in consideration of the long-term best interests of our clients and investors

Integrity: we always aim to “do the right thing”

Teamwork: we operate as an integrated, highly coordinated team to achieve superior results

Who we are

Experience, Leadership and Proven Ability

IMC’s founding partners and senior management team have extensive real estate expertise and experience in both Canada and the United States. The IMC team has worked together since 1997, when they brought a new business model for commercial mortgage lending to the Canadian market and quickly became one of the country’s largest commercial mortgage lenders.

Leaders in Canadian Commercial Real Estate Debt

The IMC team is a recognized leader in the Canadian commercial mortgage market, including first mortgages, mezzanine loans, and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). Over the years, the IMC team has:

  • Made more than 1,309 new commercial mortgage loans in Canada, across all asset classes, with a total dollar value exceeding $12.1 billion
  • Launched the Canadian CMBS market, securitizing nearly $12.0 billion of Canadian mortgage loans over 38 new CMBS issuances and enjoying a 40% market share, including CMBS issuance under its own IMC-sponsored CMBS program
  • Introduced new and innovative products and practices to Canadian commercial mortgage lending that have become “best practices” today for all Canadian institutional lenders
  • Established 13 investment funds dedicated to Canadian mortgage loans and related products

Through its affiliate IMS, IMC has also become one of the largest independent commercial mortgage loan servicers in Canada. In all areas of its business, IMC continues to bring new and innovative ideas to its mortgage loan borrowers, investors, and core Canadian markets.

IMC provides equity capital solutions on development and value add real estate projects through its affiliate, IWS.