Our Institutional Standards

IMC is committed to providing its funds with “best in class” fund management protocols and processes. Our funds include:

While permitted fund investments vary for each IMC fund, IMC conducts detailed due diligence on each fund investment. For funds which invest in new commercial mortgage loans, IMC applies Canadian institutional commercial lending standards prior to making each loan. Typically, these standards require IMC to obtain or review AACI property appraisals, environmental reports, physical and engineering reports, insurance review, lease reviews, detailed underwriting of property income and leases, and a credit review of the loan borrowers, guarantors and sponsors.

For investments in CMBS securities, IMC reviews each loan backing these securities and, depending on the transaction vintage, may re-underwrite all or a specified portion of these loans. In each case, IMC’s due diligence protocol on fund investments complies with Canadian institutional standards.