Our Accomplishments

IMC's Loan Origination Platform

IMC has quickly become one of the largest independent commercial mortgage lenders in Canada, with over $1.9 billion of new commercial mortgage loans closed across all asset classes since 2011.

Prior to forming IMC in 2009, the IMC team also originated more than 950 commercial mortgage loans between 1998 and 2007 for another major Canadian financial institution, totaling more than $8.5 billion.

IMC applies its extensive commercial lending experience and underwriting discipline to every loan it makes, allowing it to offer its borrower’s loan terms tailored to their needs, expedited loan processing, creative problem solving and certainty of execution.

IMC's Unsurpassed Credit Record

IMC’s credit record is unsurpassed: to the end of 2014 Q2, there have been no credit losses and there are no delinquencies on any IMC originated commercial mortgage loans.

Since 1998 to 2014 Q2, Canadian CMBS has a cumulative loan loss experience of only 0.80% (80 basis points). IMC team members have been responsible for the underwriting and origination of over 40% of all mortgage loans sold into Canadian CMBS since market inception.

CMBS Transactions: IMC Leads the Canadian Marketplace

Since its inception, IMC has pioneered the rebirth of the Canadian CMBS industry and remains the leading player in the marketplace. IMC re-opened the Canadian CMBS market with its first transaction in 2011 - the first CMBS deal since 2007 - and has since brought 4 additional transactions to the market. IMC has invested in Canadian CMBS bonds through 4 of its managed investment funds.

List of IMC CMBS Deals:

IMC Investment Funds:

IMC established its investment fund platform in 2009 with its first High Yield Income Fund, quickly followed by a series of real estate debt funds under its "REDF" brand. IMC fund milestones include: