CRE Finance Council Launches CREFC Canada Chapter

September 17, 2015

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - September 17, 2015 – Washington, D.C. based Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC) today expanded its global presence with the official inception of the CREFC Canada Chapter.

The Canada Chapter is being formed to bring CREFC’s trade association benefits and services to Canadian commercial real estate lenders, bond investors and loan servicers. The Canadian commercial real estate finance market is healthy and diversified yet, until today, been missing an industry platform on which to organize, associate, educate and advocate.

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IMC Completes Sixth CMBS Transaction: Investors Again Recognize IMC Quality

March 6, 2015

Institutional Mortgage Capital ("IMC") announces the successful completion of its sixth Canadian CMBS issuance (Institutional Mortgage Securities Canada Inc., Series 2015-6, $325.4 million). With this transaction, IMC has now issued a total of $1.7 billion of new Canadian CMBS bonds since 2011.

IMC is the leading originator of Canadian CMBS and has a well-deserved reputation of bringing new issues to market that feature strong and uniform underwriting fundamentals across its entire mortgage pool.  The IMSCI 2015-6 transaction continues this practice with 100% of the mortgage pool being originated by IMC.

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IMC Completes Fifth CMBS Transaction: Strong Interest From U.S. Investors

July 22, 2014

Institutional Mortgage Capital ("IMC") announces the successful completion of its fifth Canadian CMBS issuance (Institutional Mortgage Securities Canada Inc., Series 2014-5 $311.8 million). With this transaction, IMC has now issued a total of $1.339 billion of new Canadian CMBS bonds since 2011.
The IMSCI 2014-5 transaction is the third Canadian CMBS deal in the past 12 months to be marketed in both Canada and the United States and generated strong interest from U.S. investors who acquired more than 35% of the bonds.  In addition, almost 50% of the bonds were sold to new investors who had not previously purchased CMBS bonds off the IMSCI shelf.  The deal was supported by a strong syndicate comprising seven dealers across Canada and the U.S. and was jointly led by RBC Capital Markets (structuring lead), J.P. Morgan Securities and National Bank Financial.

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IMSCI, Series 2014-5 C$312MM of Commercial Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates

July 14, 2014

RBC Capital Markets news issue bulletin states that Institutional Mortgage Capital successfully priced a C$312MM CMBS transaction back by a portfolio of 41 commercial mortgages loans on 14 July 2014. This is the first Canadian CMBS transaction of 2014 and the fifth transaction for IMSCI since 2011. This transaction attracted several investors new to the Issuer and 35% of investors were from the U.S. This reflects the continued confidence in both the Issuer and the re-emerging Canadian CMBS market.

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IMC Completes Fourth CMBS Transaction: Canadian New Issuance Grows 300% Year Over Year

December 3, 2013

Institutional Mortgage Capital ("IMC") announces the successful completion of its fourth Canadian CMBS issuance of $330.4 million (Institutional Mortgage Securities Canada Inc., Series 2013-4). This transaction has been rated by Fitch and DBRS.  IMC has now issued a total of $1.069 billion of new Canadian commercial mortgage backed securities since 2011, and has a 52% total market share of new Canadian issuance.

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Canadian CMBS: "Low Hanging Fruit" For US Fixed Income Investors

October 5, 2013

Canadian CMBS investors are a very happy group; and no wonder - it can't really get much better. Canadian CMBS has a pristine credit record, with only 0.087% of cumulative losses from market inception (1998), and a current delinquency rate (0.27%) that is lost in rounding. It pays on time - 98.1% (by dollar value) of all Canadian CMBS loans have repaid at or within 120 days of scheduled maturity. Furthermore, Canadian CMBS has been "stress tested" - Canadian CMBS investment grade bonds proved to be far more resilient to the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and recovered their value much more quickly than U.S. CMBS bonds and many other credit products. On top of everything else, the new issue Canadian AAA and A CMBS are currently trading at a discount to U.S. CMBS bonds (with up to an 18 to 34 bp pickup in spread to investors). For U.S. investors, or frankly any non-Canadian investor, who wishes to diversify their portfolios, new issue investment grade Canadian CMBS is truly the "low hanging fruit" in this market.

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CMBS Start Long Recovery to Respectability

January 21, 2013

Commercial mortgage back securities make a $500 million comeback

Canadian commercial property owners have relatively few sources of term financing compared to their US counterparts. Of course, it helps that the US commercial mortgage universe is roughly 15 times the size of the Canadian market, but even on a dollar adjusted basis, Canadian borrowers are hardly spoiled for choice.

Pursuing commercial mortgage financing, Canadian borrowers have long had the option of turning to a portfolio lender. Portfolio lenders lend with the intention of holding a mortgage from funding through to maturity. It's a category dominated by a handful of financial institutions, insurance companies and public and private investment managers, that has managed to scoop up the majority of the Canadian commercial mortgage origination market year over year since the early days of real estate finance. A borrower's other option is to finance through a conduit. That is, a lender who lends with a view to selling the mortgage on or shortly after funding. Prior to 2007, the majority of commercial mortgages originated by conduit lenders were packaged into CMBS (commercial mortgage backed securities) pools and sold to institutional investors.

Simply put, CMBS is a vehicle through which fixed income investors lend to real estate borrowers.

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IMC Announces First Canadian CMBS since 2007

February 3, 2011

Institutional Mortgage Capital Canada Inc. ("IMC") is proud to announce it has completed a private placement of commercial mortgage backed securities ("CMBS") with an aggregate principal balance of C$206,000,000.  The transaction is the first CMBS deal issued in Canada since 2007.  The deal, entitled Institutional Mortgage Securities Canada Inc., Series 2011 ("IMSC 2011-1"), is backed by 16 loans to two of Canada's largest REITS, RioCan REIT and Calloway REIT.  The certificates were issued by Institutional Mortgage Securities Canada Inc., an affiliate of IMC, with TD Securities as the Lead Placement Agent.

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Mortgage Deal Revives Stalled Securities Market

January 2011

Canada’s moribund commercial mortgage-backed securities market is awakening from a three-year slumber.

Two major real estate companies are tapping the market for $206-million in the first deal of its kind since 2007, signalling that investors are returning to a sector they had abandoned over worries about the health of the country’s commercial real estate market.

Prior to the recession, Canadian real estate companies went to the CMBS market for about $4-billion a year in low-cost financing. The market literally vanished as lenders
retreated and investors shunned higher-risk securities, forcing real estate companies to obtain mortgages almost exclusively from large banks.

The resurgence could make it cheaper for real estate companies to raise the money they need to expand their portfolios, driving up property values as more bidders vie for
buildings. It will also give investors other than banks the chance to add secured mortgages to their portfolios.

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